The Making Of A Custom CD Headboard

by Susan Janvrin

I was commissioned to design and construct an inlaid composition for a 1970’s headboard. The headboard was white laminate with a chrome trim. It seemed natural to use CD’s for their silvery color and reflective quality. After presenting a few designs, the client settled on a CD mosaic in a rainbow pattern.

Preliminary Sketch to scale

Mock Up Sample

The first thing I do when working with cutting CD’s is pull out my old stained glass machines. The pieces are each cut as if they were glass.

Using a Gemini wet saw

When designing a piece, I always ask myself what to remove, how to refine and simplify. The CD centers didn’t add to the overall piece, so out they go.

Cutting out the centers

Cutting leaves a rough edge, so it must be ground smooth. A glass grinder works…

Using a Wizard grinder

then a razor blade.

Filing the edges with a razor blade

Must be super smooth

The base was then sanded, primed, painted before applying the CD pieces.

Final piece